Enable Excellence | Leading Diverse Teams
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Leading Diverse Teams

“To leverage talent leaders must possess the ability to pose questions that challenge the thinking of their teams with the curiosity and openness to really hear the answers.”

Tracey McEachran MA, FRSA


Our aims


To help participants value differences by building their confidence and trust; confidence in their own abilities and trust in their team. This can be personally uncomfortable as leaders have to let go of their need for control and need for certainties. The process of ‘letting go’ enables leaders to deliver sustainable growth, for themselves, their teams and their companies.


Course aims


  • Develop the ability to minimise inner chatter to increase the ability to listen and be open to the ideas and perspectives of others
  • Move from efficient to effective communication. Uncover preconceptions and understand when they limit the leader and the teams ability to be effective
  • Understand how our intentions have an impact on our outcomes
  • How to use questions to facilitate more inclusive discussions and outcomes
  • Understand self and others thinking preferences to bring out and utilise team strengths and ideas