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Women of Talent

In order to remain relevant … we need leaders who come from a wide range of backgrounds, each bringing different skills and views to the table, creating boardrooms that truly mirror our society. Without these different outlooks and diversity of skills and experiences, our businesses will simply not thrive  …

Melanie Richards, Vice Chairman, KPMG in the UK (from Women on Boards Davies Review)


Supporting women who are working their way up to senior management positions is a vital way to enable diversity and business success.

In less than 5 years women’s representation on the FTSE 100 boards has increased from 12% to 26%.  The government has reviewed this figure and has broadened the target to the entire FTSE 350.  The goal for 2020 is now 33% of women on boards. Your organisation needs to share in this success.


Our aim


We are passionate about helping businesses succeed. Part of our focus is on women in the workplace. Our Women of Talent leadership programme facilitates the transition of women from middle management to executive roles, and from there on to the board.


Course aims


  • Uncover true potential to set achievable and aspirational career expectations
  • Build personal skills to increase impact and influence
  • Recognise and learn how to overcome barriers to success
  • Develop confidence in building wide ranging relationships
  • Provide the opportunity to practice more effective behaviours through individual coaching, pair and small group feedback and classroom based activities
  • Provide an environment where women are empowered and are in control of the decisions they make
  • Remove barriers and leverage strengths to enable women to realise their full potential