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Starting Out

Starting Out

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Why did I leave the comfort blanket of a large corporation?  A lot of people have told me that I am brave to take the bold step to move from stability and security into the unknown.  It was not a decision that I took lightly and I thought about it for a long time but the main reasons were that I could not see myself working in the corporate world for another 20 years, I wanted to try something different and I wanted to be in control of what I do, where I do it and how much time I spend on it.

Ironically it was delivering an IBM course for executive potential women that set me on this path.  Through coaching women on how to break through self imposed barriers to success, I realised that I was the only person that was stopping me from making change so I took drastic action, ditched the ‘I can’t afford to do this’ excuse, and decided to go for it!  My reasoning was, and still is, what’s the worst that can happen?  It is at this point that I wish to thank my wonderful BRI co-facilitators and delightful participants for being a part of this journey – you know who you are….

Before signing off on this first blog entry, a few words on what I have learned so far.  Much of what I say here will seem blindingly obvious on the face of it, but it is not until I actually experienced it that I realised how important this learning has been.

Its not as scary as you think.  Whilst I feel some element of fear most of the time I have realised that it is just inside my head.  I remind myself not to allow fear to influence the decisions I make.

Push yourself.  I am doing things I do not feel comfortable doing.  Amy Cuddy, in her Ted Talk, discusses ‘Fake it until you Make it’.  I don’t let the dialogue inside my head lead me to self sabotage.  I am finding the more I push myself, the easier it gets.

Persistence pays. It is not natural for me to keep chasing and reminding people that I am here, but if I don’t do it people will not think about me.

Network, network, network.  I have been amazed by the power of the network.  You reap what you sow in terms of the relationships you have and how you are perceived by others.  Opportunities have opened up for me based on relationships I had with people from over 10 years ago.

Focus, focus, focus.  I am a disorganised big picture thinker which is not a great mix for someone who is building their business from scratch!  I have had to put strategies in place to keep me focused.  I remind myself every day that if I don’t earn money the mortgage will not be paid – it works for me!

Be patient.  I am not the worlds most patient person and having come from a working environment where everything runs at 100 miles an hour it has been tough to make this transition.  This is still work in progress.

Stress, what stress?  The joy of not having work or self imposed stress!  Of course I am anxious about what will happen next but I am in control and it is liberating.

Be happy and have fun.  I am so much happier than I have been for a long time.  With setting up my business I am going through a huge learning curve.  I am feeling my way because it is all so new to me but I am enjoying the challenge!

  • Alexis Barba
    Posted at 20:52h, 14 September Reply

    I had the chance to co facilitate Leadership workshops with Debbie in several countries in Europe and have seen participants eyes, minds and hearts opening while thinking and sharing during our sessions. Debbie isn’t a magician she just focus on her audience and makes things happen naturally with focus and attention.

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