Enable Excellence | The £10 voucher and the enormous cup of tea
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The £10 voucher and the enormous cup of tea

The £10 voucher and the enormous cup of tea

Those of you who read my last blog will know that I worked at a supermarket over the Christmas period. I was assigned to the customer services desk and cigarette kiosk; it was busy physical work, time flew and I learned quickly how things operate in retail. Since then I have taken on an interim contract at the Office for National Statistics where I am providing Learning and Development expertise for the 2021 Census. I can safely say that in addition to my business I have been trying out lots of new things!

A couple of things happened during this time:

  • I received a £10 gift voucher
  • I established I can drink as much tea as I want


These two seemingly small things have had a big impact on me.  First to the voucher.  For the last two days before Christmas, I became the face of the Christmas food order desk at the supermarket.  As you can imagine, it was intense and I dealt with the full spectrum of delighted through to distraught customers with a smile on my face and plenty of Quality Street to hand.  I had not been expecting any recognition but at the end of the first day I was approached by one of the managers who handed me the voucher and thanked me for my efforts.  The gesture moved me so much that it brought a tear to my eye.  In the scheme of things £10 is not much but the thought was of so much value to me it spurred me on for the onslaught the next day.

So, on to the tea.  I am a proper tea jenny.  I drink vast amounts daily and I discovered that the ONS has kitchens with on-tap supplies of boiling water.  I was delighted because in my mind I was going to be able to drink endless mugs of tea!  OK, I had to supply the milk and tea bags but I could make it whenever I want!  When I communicated my excitement to friends I had a mixed response; some were outraged that it wasn’t completely free.  You see, my frame of reference was very different. Having come from a corporate environment where you have to buy everything you eat and drink, which can get expensive, the ability to make tea as much as I want, when I want, is HUGE.

Small things really can make a big difference.

We often forget that a small word or act of encouragement can have more impact than a grand gesture.  Having the simple things in life, such as the ability to make a cup of tea can uplift your spirits and help you get through the day.  By the way, my mug is a talking point – it is enormous.

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